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Spanish Cup Hilt Rapier dating to the late 17th or early 18th century Ref: 017.17


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A Spanish Cup Hilt Rapier mounted with a long, slender blade of flattened hexagonal section. The blade has a short ricasso and a deep central fuller which extends for 15.5 inches (39 cm) from the ricasso on each side. The rapier is in fine overall condition, its parts tight together and with a consistent patina overall.


The cup hilt consists of a double shell. The outer shell, at its base, is formed as a plain roundel, through the middle of which the tang passes and onto which the shoulders of the ricasso sit. Around this roundel 20 raised convex sections, of equal size, have been shaped, with depressed valleys imbetween, which radiate from the roundel, widening towards their ends, with convex crescent terminals, which give the cup rim a pleasing scalloped profile. A second plain dish has been forged and fixed into the first to form the steel inner lining to the hilt.


The cross guard lies across the cup rim with bold pas d'ane rings forged below which are forced against the inner cup base to provide stability to the hilt structure, the bare tang exposed between them. Between the pas d' ane rings, grooved downwardly facing pointed langets have been forged from the cross guard tight against the tang to further secure these parts of the hilt together.


The quillons measure 10.5 inches (27 cm) across. These are of rounded section formed with moulded knops towards the swollen ends and terminate in fluted mushroom shapes. The knuckle bow is formed in similar fashion with a fluted mushroom shape at its terminal. The pommel is imaginatively formed as a hollow oval of equi-distant spiral rounded rods between which the tang is visible and mounted with a fluted mushroom shaped tang button. The swollen grip has an iron ferrule top and bottom, and imbetween it is deeply cut with diagonal grooves in two directions into which the wire binding has been depressed to give the attractive appearance to the grip of raised diamond sections with depressions imbetween.


Overall length 47.25 inches (120 cm) blade length 39 inches (99 cm).


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