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Rapier With Exquisitely Chiselled Steel Hilt And Toledo Blade Dating To The Early 17th Century Ref: 072.16


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A fine Northern European Rapier (possibly Dutch, German or English) with intricately chiselled steel hilt retaining much of its original blackened finish. The hilt consists of two downward curving quillons of different size swollen towards the ends and terminating in knops. The knuckle bow and side ring are chiselled in the same manner as is the pear shaped pommel with tightly packed lines, foliage and leaves. The cylindrical wooden grip is mounted with alternating bands of wire with Turks Heads top and bottom.


The blade has a short ricasso inside which two fullers are present at the end of which a bladesmith's mark is stamped either side resembling a stylized cross inside a shield and after which the blade widens slightly and becomes double edged. From the end of the ricasso a central wide fuller extends for 8 inches (20 cm) and after a step another fuller commences to the end of the blade.


The bladesmith's mark is a Toledo variant and the name of the smith is feintly entered in capitals into the central fuller nearest the hilt: IVAN MARTINEZ IN TOLEDO with further letters on the other side now illegible. The blade length is 38.5 inches (98 cm) and the overall length is 44.5 inches (113 cm).


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