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Walloon Sword of "Amsterdam" Type Ref: 046.16


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A typical example of the attractive, robust and functional sword form carried by the Amsterdam Town Guard in the second quarter of the 17th century which was to become known as "Walloon". Whilst this sword is represenative of the "Amsterdam" type, this hilt form was to morph into many variants across Europe, adapted for use by both infantry and cavalry in the 30 Years War period.


The characteristic hilt is formed with a robust quillon block with a high collar and thick cross guard bar from which a bold knuckle bow, of thick oval section with a diamond shaped swelling to the centre, curves towards the pommel to which its flattened end is secured with a screw. To the rear a bold curled wrist guard with flattened swollen terminal is punched with a florette on one side. To the sides two thick guard rings of unequal size with swollen middles emanate from the cross guard and are infilled with dish-shaped guard plates intricately pierced with close set patterns of eight pointed stars and smaller circles.


Typically the sword is for right hand use. The larger guard plate protects the back of the right hand whilst the smaller guard plate protects the inner hand and affords a stronger hold with the addition of a thumb loop which curls upwards from the edge of the guard ring then curls down to where it is forged onto the quillon collar.


The pommel is of slightly flattened ovoid section with protruding integral button and waisted collar beneath. The original grip is of wood bound with twisted steel wire and mounted with "Turks Heads" of twisted wire top and bottom.


The blade is of lenticular section and tapers to its tip. A shallow central fuller is present on both sides which commences a short distance from the hilt for 8 inches (20 cm) down the blade. After the fuller terminates an incised "Running Wolf" armourer's mark is present on either side. Both fullers are incised with capital letters: S A C H G O M flanked by dot patterns (one side clear but some letters feint and feint on the other). These letters are a varaiant of the more usual S A H A G O M  on these blades which represents a spurious association of quality with the Spanish blade maker Alanzo de Ahagom. The running wolf mark probably indicates that the blade, like others mounted on Walloon hilts, was forged in Solingen. Near the hilt on both sides a blademaker's stamp consiting of a "P" in raised relief inside a shield with a crown above is present, and on one side nearby, the Amsterdam town mark is clearly struck..


The sword is in fine condition. The metal parts exhibit a smooth consistent aged coloration overall. The grip is covered with its original wire binding.


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