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Late 17th / early 18th century Pulouar with fine Wootz blade


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Item Description:

A representative Pulouar mounted with a finely forged blade of tight grey wootz. The blade is single edged to a point 7 inches (17.5 cm) from the tip after which it is double edged. The blade has a pronounced ricasso some 2.5 inches (6.5 cm) long and a broad fuller extending along the blade to where it becomes double edged flanked by narrow incised lines. The blade still has a keen edge.


The hilt is of usual form with an upturned dome-shaped pommel decorated with patterns of ridges and lines which radiate from its middle. It retains its "jingles". On top the pommel is capped with a disc and a domed florette in its centre pierced on top and mounted with a suspension loop. The swollen grip is decorated with vertical lines in raised releif and leather bound cord top and bottom. Between the quillons a brass star patterned disc is present either side of the hilt below which langets extend down the blade either side to end in moulded terminals and a pattern of five pierced holes. The steeply curving quillons terminate in stylised dragon heads.


The original scabbard is of wood covered with tooled designs of foliage in raised releif either side on a  blackened leather surface. The chape is of iron as are the ring mounts. An old patch repair to the leather extnds on one side for 9.5 inches (24 cm) along the middle area. The blade is 30 inches long (just over 76 cm). The sword over all is just over 34.75ches (88. cm


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