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Highland Scottish Dirk Dating to the First Half of the 18th Century Ref: 73.14



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A good example of an early 18th century Highland Scottish dirk with its grip formed from blackened bog oak. The blade is fashioned from a cut down backsword blade with a single fuller just below the blunt edged spine either side extending to half way along. The pommel cap is a cast brass circular plate with finely  incised decorative concentric rings on top. The tang is secured above the plate with a brass square threaded button filed midway along each side to create diamond shaped corners. A small length of tang protrudes above the button.


The wooden grip is decorated with bands of fluted Celtic interlace with the intersections carved with small raised knops. The underside of the pommel is cut with scallops. The brass mount at the base of the grip is formed from thinly beaten brass, is crescent shaped towards the blade and secured with four brass pins. The dirk is in overall good condition with some minor patches of pitting to the blade. It has obviously seen a lot of use during its working life - the blade has been much sharpened.


For other similar examples see "Scottish Swords and Dirks", Arms and Armour Press, 1970, figs 60, 61, 62 and 63.


Overall length 16.75 inches (42 cm) blade length just under 12.5 inches (31.25 cm).


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