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Mid 18th Century Scottish Dirk Ref: 12.12


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A good quality, elegant, Highland Scottish dirk, in good condition, dating to the middle period of the 18th century. It has a grip made from bog oak, iron mounts and a cut down backsword blade. The grip has a rich, deep, dark patina. It is cut with two bold bands of Celtic interlace in the middle section. The base of the pommel is deeply fluted and panels of interlace are cut into the front and back of the grip between the haunches.


The metal mounts to the grip are of iron. The pommel cap protects the top and the edge of the circular wooden pommel top. The blade tang is secured above the cap by an iron circular banded button.


The ferrule at the base of the grip is of bold manufacture and decorated with bands of shallow lines. This secures two iron straps mounted to protect the wooden haunches either side of the grip. Below this an oval iron plate sits at the base of the grip.


The blade tapers to a rounded point. It has a broad central fuller extending to the blade tip. Underneath the blunt back edge another fuller extends from the hilt for around two thirds of the blade length to a point where the blade becomes double edged.


The stylistic features of this dirk conform with those present on other Scottish dirks of the period. A very similar dirk is illustrated in James Drummond's series of watercolours in "Ancient Scottish Weapons", George Waterston & Sons, 1881, fig 8, plate XIX. The overall length is just under 20.5 inches (52 cm). The blade is 15.25 inches (39 cm) long.


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