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Fine Early 18th Century Scottish Basket Hilted Broad Sword With Dated Blade Ref: 023.17


Price: £5,650

Item Description:


An attractive and "classic" Scottish Basket Hilted Broadsword dating to the late 17th or early 18th century in fine original and uncleaned condition.


The hilt is of high quality artisanship consisting of rounded structural bars and square and rectangular section primary and secondary guard plates. The plates are decorated with precisely spaced vertically filed flutes and incised lines and punched with patterns of triangles and circles. The edges of the plates are decorated with delicate frets and merlons.


The dome shaped pommel is mounted with a simple button from which three filed grooves radiate towards the pommel edge, each flanked by incised lines either side. The guard arms of the hilt tuck securely into a groove cut around the pommel just below its equator. The original grip is of spirally grooved hardwood, now with an attractive deep dark brown patina, lacking its shagreen and wire binding, and retaining the remnants of a red woollen fringe between the top of the grip and the pommel base.


The fine quality double edged blade is 31 inches long and has a short ricasso of flattened hexagonal section. Beyond this the blade is of lenticular section to its tip and has a short wide fuller commencing from the end of the ricasso inside which the deeply incised date of 1690 is applied either side flanked by quatrefoils of dots. Just after the end of the fuller a running wolf, probably a Solingen bladesmith's mark, is incised either side.


For similar hilt profiles See Cyril Mazansky's "British Basket-Hilted Swords", Boydell Press, 2005,  pages 120 and 121  for hilts by John Allan Senior and Walter Allan, plus examples on pages 112 and 113.


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