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Scottish Highland Officers Basket Hilted Broad Sword Ref: 039.17


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A fine example of the brass basket hilted regulation broadsword introduced for Scottish infantry officers in Highland Regiments in 1798. It was replaced by the regulation steel basket hilted sword of 1828 pattern three decades later. The sword type was used throughout the Napoleonic War period.


Brass is less robust than iron and as a result these swords were more susceptible to damage. Many surviving and published examples have bars missing, are out of shape and often with repairs. This one is a fine example in very good condition. Recessses in the hilt show evidence that it was once covered with gilt.


The broad blade (34 inches long) is of lenticular section and of fine quality. A central fuller commences from an inch away from the hilt either side and is just over 8 inches long. Inside this the maker's name J : J : R U N K E L is stamped in capitals followed by his place of work "Solingen" in flowing script either side. The blade is a high quality German import which was standard for this sword type. The spirally grooved wooden grip is covered with shagreen and bound with twisted copper wire. Protective brass ferrules are applied top and bottom.


An example is illustrated in John Wallace, Scottish Swords & Dirks, Fig 47, Arms & Armour Press, 1970, which is displayed in the Scottish United Services Museum. See also Mazansky, Boydell Press, 2005, "British Basket-Hilted Swords", pages 131 to 133.

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