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Mid 17th Century Scottish Basket Hilted Sword Ref: 63.14


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A Scottish basket hilted broadsword in unusually attractive and original condition. The sword is published in the 2015 Park Lane Arms Fair Catalogue in a paper entitled "Notes on the dating of early Glasgow Style Scottish Basket-Hilted Swords".


The basket is of early form made up of robust bars and small central panels applied with diamond pattern lines. It closely resembles the baskets of a number of swords illustrated in "British Basket-Hilted Swords" by Cyril Mazansky (Boydell Press 2005) and in particular reference D7 page78 which shows a sword at Dean Castle, Kilmarnock, Scotland and D10 page 81, which shows a sword in the Marischall College, in Aberdeen, Scotland. This hilt type occupies a unique position in the early development of the Scottish basket hilt.


The sword has a dark and attractive original patina overall. The upper half of the pommel is conical with three sets of triple lines radiating from the pommel button. The pommel is cut with a groove which extends completely around its circumference just below the centre and into which the tops of the guard arms of the basket are secured. The spirally grooved hardwood grip is attractively patinated now lacking its original cover and wire binding. Remains of the original leather liners can be seen at the top and bottom of the grip aswell as a leather scabbard mouth protector at the join of blade and hilt underneath the basket.


The blade is of high quality, of gently tapering form and of flattened lenticular section. A shallow fuller is present which extends for 6 inches (15 cm) down the blade and is flanked by two deep grooves either side siutated in the short ricasso. ANDRIA FERARA marks are present either side in the central fuller plus thumbnail and dot designs.


Overall length 41 inches (104 cm), blade length 35.75 (90.5 cm). Provenance: Peter Dale Ltd, London, 1990.


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