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British Infantry Light Company Officers 1796 Pattern Sword with Blue & Gilt Blade Ref: 030.16


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A British Infantry Light Company 1796 Pattern Officers sword variant with blue & gilt blade. The hilt is of typical stirrup form, of brass, as are the scabbard mounts. The scabbard is of blackened leather.


On each side of the blade the blued and gilt designs are in excess of 90% intact and clear. The outer side of the blade is patterned in three sections. Nearest the hilt is the name of the maker / retailer within floral scrolls marked with the words "Gibson",  "Thompson", "Craig's" and "Warranted" applied separately. The Royal Arms are applied to the middle and to the top a rose with foliage. The inner side from the grip is decorated with four sections starting with a panel of foliage, followed by a stand of arms, then "GR" under a crown, followed by a further section of foliage. The grip is of hard wood bound with copper or brass wire.


The sword is generally in good condition with most of the blue and gilt clear and intact. The blade is slightly pitted in parts confined mainly to the bright third end section of its length towards the tip.


Blade length: 25 inches (64.5 cm). Overall Length 28.5 inches (72.2 cm).


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