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Troopers Basket Hilted Sword of British Cavalry Type - Mid 18th Century Ref: 057.16


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A rare variant of the Pre-Regulation British Cavalry Troopers basket-hilted sword of the mid to third quarter of the 18th century.


Typically the sword is mounted with a bun shaped-pommel with integral pommel button at the top and a pommel ring at its base.  The basket is formed at the base with a dish shaped circular plate with integral wristguard.


Three main guard bars provide the primary structure of the hilt. A broad knuckle bow extends from the base plate from the front and is attached at its top to the pommel ring. At the sides two curved bars of more slender form rise from the base plate to be attached to the knuckle bow, either side, near the pommel. The most notable and unique feature of this sword is the two large triangular flanges which protrude from either side of the lower part of the knuckle bow to provide secondary protection for the hand.


The single edged blade is of typical mid 18th century British issue, unmarked, of tapering form, with a rounded tip and fashioned with two fullers running in parallel either side close to the blunt edge.  The original spirally grooved wooden grip is covered with shagreen bound with a triple band of twisted wire, the widest in the middle, and mounted with iron ferrules top and bottom.


The sword is a rare variant of the more standard mid 18th century form. Overall condition is brown russet, lightly pitted, uncleaned and original. Blade length:  Just under 32 inches (80.5 cm). Overall length: 37.25 inches (94.5 cm).


For a near identical example in the Royal Armouries Collection see Cyril Mazansky, British Basket Hilted Swords, Boydell Press, 2005, page 221, ref V1C1

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