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Scottish Basket Hilted Broadsword Dating to the Mid 17th Century Ref: 015.15


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A Scottish basket hilted broadsword dating to the middle of the 17th century. The basket is of early form made up of robust bars and small central panels to the front and butterfly shaped guards to the sides. It closely resembles the baskets of a number of swords illustrated in "British Basket-Hilted Swords" by Cyril Mazansky (Boydell Press 2005), and in particular references D9, D10, D10a, D10b and D10c pages 80 to 82 which show near identical sword hilts with similar linear engraved line patterns to the frontal guard panels and side guards.


These swords are housed in various important collections including Blair Castle in Perthshire, the Marischall Museum in Aberdeen and The Royal Armouries. Two further similar swords housed in the National Museums of Scotland, are illustrated in John Wallace, Scottish Swords & Dirks, 1970, Stackpole Books, figs 23 and 24.


The sword is in uncleaned russet condition and has a dark patina overall. The upper half of the pommel is dome shaped and fashioned without a pommel button. The spirally grooved wooden grip has lost its cover and wire binding.


The robust double edged blade shows much evidence of use and sharpening either side during its working life and it retains a keen edge. The blade is of high quality, of gently tapering form and of flattened lenticular section. A pronounced ricasso is present exctending for some 3 inches (7.5 cm) from the hilt. Two fullers extend for 10 inches (25.5 cm) down the centre of the blade from the ricasso mid point each boldly punched with the words " ANDREA FERARA" either side. The fullers are flanked by incised single lines which converge just beyond the termination of the fullers either side in a pattern of dots and crescents.


Overall length 37 inches (94 cm), blade length 32 inches (81 cm).


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