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English Dish Hilt Rapier Circa 1640 Ref: 011.15


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A fine and attractive English Dish Hilt Rapier dating to the second quarter of the 17th century. The circular dish guard is formed from eight roundels finely chiselled on the downward facing convex surfaces with lattice patterns of small squares placed alternately in raised and low relief in chequer board manner with pierced foliate edges. These roundels surround a central incised rosette shape through which the tang of the blade passes.


The arms of the guard extend from the ricasso perpendicular to the blade and are secured by raised loops formed from the edge of the dish guard. The arms terminate thereafter in knops. The oval shaped pommel, the knops and the ricasso are cut with the same chequer board patterns as the hilt. Similar designs appear on contemporary English hangers. The grip is spirally grooved, wrapped with wire and mounted with a "Turks Head" top and bottom.


The robust blade is of stiff tapering lenticular section with a pronounced central fuller extending for some 8 inches (20 cm) from the hilt inside which on both sides indistinct punched patterns are present and capital letters. The blade is just over 37 inches (95.5 cm) long and overall the rapier measures 45.25 inches (115 cm).


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