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English Boat-Shell Guard Silver Hilted Smallsword by William Kinman hallmarked for 1764/5 Ref: 11.70



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Item Description:


A remarkable 18th century English silver hilted small sword in good condition with hallmarks for London 1764/5. The maker is William Kinman, one of the foremost makers of silver hilted swords in London in the 18th century, and whose work represents the highest standards of English craftsmanship. This sword is mounted with a boat-shell guard. A near identical sword is illustrated in "London Silver-hilted Swords" by Leslie Southwick, Royal Armouries, 2001, Colour Plate 6.


The silver hilt consists of a boat-shell guard, pas d'ane rings, knucklebow and quillons front and back, with attractive ribbed and moulded borders. The boat-shell guard, pommel and ricasso at the base of the grip, are pierced and engraved with intricate compositions of musical instruments set off against a pierced, complex and detailed foliate background.


The hilt is in good condition and without any noticeable dents, bangs or bruises. There are no losses or repairs and the hilt has maintained its original shape entirely. The hallmarks and makers marks are very clear stamped onto the pas d'ane rings. The grip consists of silver wire (alternate flat wire and twisted wire) spiral binding applied around a hard wood core.


The tapering hollow triangular section blade is 33.5 inches (85 cm) long and overall the sword is just over 40.5 inches (103 cm) long. The blade is decorated with foliate designs and sunbursts. The blade is in good condition, age spotted with a patch of pitting near the tip.


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