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British Grenadier Hanger by Samuel Harvey Circa 1750 Ref: 12.37


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An attractive British Infantry Hanger or "Scimitar" of the Royal Regiment of Foot dating to circa 1750 in good and complete original condition. The basket hilt is of asymmetrical form designed to ensure that most protection is provided for the upper part of the right hand.  The frontal part of the hilt is formed around two diamond shaped apertures supported by loops. Side, and secondary side guard bars, form the main vertical structures, between which a flattened plate with loops top and bottom has been applied. The bars of the basket converge into two arms which are forged onto a ring in which the bun shaped pommel sits.


The pommel has an integral pommel button and is similar to many produced for mid 18th century British swords of various hilt designs.  The shagreen mounted wooden grip retains its origonal brass twisted wire binding and iron ferrules top and bottom (there are minor losses to the shagreen revealing the wooden grip beneath). The robust, curved, single-edged blade has a single fuller running beneath the spine from the hilt for most of its length. The maker, Samuel Harvey of Birmingham, has applied his mark S . HARVEY to both sides.


An identical example housed in the Royal Armouries (Ref: IX.2138) is illustrated in "British Basket-Hilted Swords", Cyril Mazansky, Boydell Press, 2005, page 230, example VIII6.  Overall length 36.5 inches (93 cm) and blade 30.25 inches (77 cm). See also "A British Grenadier's Scimitar of the 18th Century" by Anthony D Darling, Arms Collecting, Vol 28, No 1, 1990.


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