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North European Zischagge Dating to the Mid 17th Century Ref: 17.14


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A good German Zischagge dating to the mid 17th century. The domed skull is made from one piece moulded with six raised ribs which radiate from a central circular washer on top which is shaped and fixed to the skull with a pierced finial.


To the front, the flat pointed peak is strengthened with a moulded border, and fixed to the skull with six rivets. Underneath a sequence of marks formed as five dots in dice-like manner are punched into the peak. The curved sliding nasal bar is of flat construction with a stopper fixed at the lower end and a spear point at the top stamped to the front with a letter "L". This is fitted through an aperture in the peak and through a sturdy jacket, also riveted to the skull, in which a threaded screw, winged to the front, secures the bar in the desired position for the wearer.


The neck guard consists of four, independent, flared lames with moulded borders. The cheek pieces are of pendant form with moulded borders and secured to the inside of the skull with leather straps and rivets. Each cheek piece is pierced with five auditory holes in dice pattern. The rivets all seem to be original and portions of the liner still remain inside the skull. In general this is a very good example.


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