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South German Black-And-White Comb Morion Ref: 12.75


Price: £2,350

Item Description:


A good, well-executed and representative example of a South German Black-And-White Comb Morion dating to the late 16th or early 17th century.


The crown and brim is made from two pieces which are joined along the crest of a pronounced comb which has a decorative fluted edge. The brim rises to a point front and rear. The edge of the brim all around the morion is folded underneath over a peice of strengthening wire to create a hem with a notched decorative border. Part of the wire is visible at one small part of the hem where the brim is chipped. Otherwise the morion is in good original condition.


The base is complete with its ten original lining rivets and exterior brass rosette-shaped washers. A raised semicircular band is applied to each side and burnished bright, as is the comb, both standing out against the blackened background.


Provenance: Sold at Fenton & Sons, London, 8th July 1954 then John Woodman Higgins Armoury Collection - Inventory Number 1404


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