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Ancient Scottish Weapons by James Drummond published in 1881 Ref: 024.17



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A copy of James Drummond's "Ancient Scottish Weapons" published by George Waterson and Sons, Edinburgh and London, 1881. Only 500 copies of this work were published. This copy is in good condition formed with a leather spine, quarter morocco and cloth. The binding is tight with some wear.


This series of drawings by Drummond was one of the first attempts to catalogue the uniqueness of Scottish weapons and to study them as a separate subject in their own right in the late 19th century. Fifty four colour plates show detailed sketches of Scottish dirks, two-handed swords, basket-hilted swords, Lochaber Axes, targes, pistols and powder horns as well as culturally unique examples of Highland craftsmanship illustrated in plaid brooches, sporrans, harps and bagpipes. Many of the items in the illustrations are recognisable in public collections today such as the National Museums of Scotland in Edinburgh. The location of others were known only to Drummond. This is a large folio measuring 12.5 inches (32 cm) by 16.5 inches (42 cm).


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